Baron Von Steuben's Contribution To The Revolutionary War

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Baron Von Steuben

Elizabeth Erickson
Revolutionary War Biography
5th Grade Literacy
May , 11, 2017 Hello reader this paper is about the great and awesome Baron Von Steuben. People all over the world are happy that he came to America to help the patriots. In this paper there are a lot of amazing facts about Baron Von Steuben. The next three paragraphs are about Baron Von Steuben’s early life, adult life and contribution to the Revolutionary War. Baron Von Steuben’s early life began on September, 17, 1730 in Magdeburg, Germany. Baron Von Steuben and his Father were in the military. His Father was Lieutenant Wilhelm Von Steuben. Also his Mother was Elizabeth Von Jagvodin. He also had no siblings. His Grandfather …show more content…

Baron help the Americans learn to fight in a neat way. Everyday he did different activities. Was Baron a patriot or loyalist? He was a patriot also known as a colonist. Because he noticed how much the patriots meant to him when he was helping them. Awesome achievements during the war are that he wrote a book called Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the troops for the United States. An amazing fact was that book was also a training guide for the men. It also had a different and shorter name called “Blue Book.” Fun Fact some farmers were in the Revolutionary War. After the war they would have to pay debt. Baron was also a farmer before he died he owed around 2,000 dollars in debt. Baron also went to France so he could see Ben Franklin! So he could say he wanted to help the Americans. So Ben Franklin wrote a letter to George …show more content…

Sadly he died on November 28, 1794 in Utica, New York. In this paper on Baron Von Steuben there was early life, adult life and contribution to the Revolutionary War.

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