Swot Analysis Of Strawberry

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Register to read the introduction…Many people buy strawberry jam since they are cost effective and it is one way to eat breakfast with your bread and it is cheaper than other jams. The two jams listed above have a cheap price in spite of their large size with exception of INNA Jam. INNA jam is priced at $13.50 as they said they used a special type of strawberry and many good ingredients. However, some people may not buy INNA jam as they have high price and customers may like sugar free jam than high sugar jam.

Nutrient Factors
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When you look at the sugar intake first company’s jams have 6 grams of sugar. The amount of sugar itself it is not that much. But, when you convert amount of sugar into teaspoons it is different. Experts said we should eat no more than 7 teaspoons per day. However, in the UK people are getting over 40 teaspoons. When you look at the first jam it has 6g of sugar. When you do the conversion with 4g teaspoon it is 1.5 teaspoon of sugar. The INNA jam have 1.75 teaspoons of sugar and last one has 14 teaspoons of sugar. what this means is that you are eating excessing amount of sugar than what UK expert suggested. When you look at the sugar content of St. Dalfour, it contains a high amount of sugars and it has date juice and grape juice concentrate. If your house is running out of sugar it is a good alternative. However, beware that in grape juice concentrate, it contains high amount of sugar as well. Thus, this jam can be detrimental to your health. Lastly, when you take a look at INNA Jam, it has a low amount of sugar itself, However, it has an extra type of sugars which adds more sweetness. So, this jam can also harm your health. Besides, the jam use fruit pectin, which is the ingredient that adds even more sugar to the jam. So, to prevent this from happening, you need to choose your jams carefully by checking the nutrition
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