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Choosing a name for a child is a difficult process that can have unexpected surprises. When choosing a name parents may consider the meaning and origin of the name. They may draw inspiration from historical figures or events. Furthermore, even when one considers all aspects of a name, unanticipated developments may arise and lead to all effort invested into choosing a name becoming irrelevant. However, one may question if all the attention parents put towards choosing a name for their child is truly due, or whether this activity is a misappropriation of time that could be better used preparing for the arrival of the child. One may question whether a name is actually significant during life, or whether it is just a word used to distinguish individuals…show more content…
When examining my first name, I discovered that, according to Behind the Name, Eric comes from the Old Norse language and means “everlasting ruler.” Behind the Name also revealed to me, the book Eric, or Little by Little popularised the name Ericin England. My middle name, Joseph, comes from Hebrew and means “he will add,” according to Behind the Name. As Wikipedia stated, my last name, Yager, comes from the German word for hunter. It becomes obvious, therefore, that my names have very thought-provoking meanings even though those meanings were not necessarily taken into consideration and do not have inherent…show more content…
One such person is Eric Carle. According to Wikipedia, Eric Carle is an author of children’s books, most famous for his book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. This book was one of my favorites when I was a small child. Another famous person named Eric, also recorded by Wikipedia, is Eric Dickerson. Dickerson played football and spent most of his career with the Los Angeles Rams and the Indianapolis Colts. He is also in the NFL Hall of Fame and holds seventh place on the list of NFL players with the most career rushing yards. I am a Colts fan, and although I never saw Dickerson play, I have heard and read about his career. Erik the Red was another famous person with whom I share my name, although the spelling is somewhat different, per Wikipedia. He is famous for being the first Viking to establish a settlement in Greenland. I have also spent extensive amounts of time studying the Vikings, including Erik the Red, both for my personal enjoyment and for my

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