Benefits Of English As A Global Language Essay

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A Global language is the language spoken by people in multiple countries, spoken by a lot of people as a second language, and spread not only the number of people, but also geographically.

Why should we have to learn English?
English is the language of the modern era, English became the first language in the world, and because the major countries of the world has a lot of science and technology, And English is the main way to receive those sciences and communicate with others for greater access, English is a means of communication with others and learn about their culture they constitute key foreign culture, English constitute a significant addition to individual mental stocks. And notifying you of English is also useful in the
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If the language of instruction is the mother tongue of the learner, it absorbs what is offered to him easily, and if the language of instruction is a language other than the mother tongue, it finds it difficult and the inability to communicate with the Learning Resources. (Eisa,2004)
Teaching in English :
Given the dominance of English in all areas, is increasing the number wishing to learn it day after day. No country in the world do not teach English in schools and universities and used by others in certain transactions, its Knowledge has become requirements of success in academic and practical of life. The future of the Student who is proficient in English, is better than who is not proficient it, and job opportunities for him wider. (Eisa,2004)
It is noted that teaching in most of universities in UAE in English language, and Do not use only English in Higher Education but nowadays We see the proliferation of private schools that rely English is the language of

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