Benito Mussolini's Fascism: The Ideology Of The Twentieth Century

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In the political and social doctrine “The Ideology of Twentieth Century” the fascist leader Benito Mussolini expresses his view about the aims of the Fascist government with impressive but indirect way: “The Fascist State express the will to exercise power and command. Here the Roman tradition is embodied in a conception of strength. Imperial power, as understood by the fascist doctrine, is not only territorial, or military, or commercial; it is also spiritual and ethical. An imperial nation, that is to say, a nation which directly or indirectly is the leader of others, can exist without the need of conquering a single mile of territory…” (Griffin, 1998, p. 256). It is very difficult to define clearly what were the exact aims of the Mussolini’s fascist government, and it is difficult to speak about all these aims in one…show more content…
According to Mann in order to establish militarist atmosphere, during the revolution period, Fascists used young generation who were basically university students (2004). The point sounds logical. To manipulate young generation, and to direct them toward violent actions was the one of the core aims of the Fascist ideology who was targeting to construct a warrior nation. From this perspective, Mussolini’s words should be relevant evidence for this argument. “Fascism carries its anti-pacifistic attitude into the life of the individual. 'I don't care a damn', (me ne forego) - the proud motto of the fighting squads scrawled by a wounded man on his bandages, in not only an act of philosophic stoicism, it sums up a doctrine which is no merely political: it is evidence of fighting spirit which aspects all risks. It signifies a new style of Italian life…” (Griffin, 1998, p. 250). From the words, we see that how the Mussolini’s Fascist government introduce new the style of Italian life which takes its source from savage

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