Benito Mussolini Fascism Essay

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After World World I, Italy was in a chaotic state of cultural, political, and economic change. The outcome of the Treaty of Versailles left the Italian people with many problems, which cause even more turmoil. An Italian born military leader named Benito Mussolini felt he needed to do something for his country, so in the year 1919 he introduced Fascism. Webster's dictionary defines fascism as “a political movement, or regime that stands for a centralized autocratic government lead by a dictatorial leader” (Webster,2017). While some people believe Mussolini’s “Fascist Movement” to be deficient”, I believe that through Mussolini’s rise to power and creation of the Fascist regime helped strengthen his desire to unify the Italian population.
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He proved this with the creation of The Black Shirts, which was a group of Italian war veterans. This group was tired of the state of Italy after the war and they believed Mussolini could make Italy as it was before the war. The Italian people received very little from The Treaty of Versailles, they were told that they would get the Adriatic Coast but did not end up getting what they were promised which left them very bitter and decided to turn to Mussolini for change. Mussolini gained many supporters this helped him beat D’Annunzio, who was another politician running against him. Mussolini had public speaking skills, military service and a large group of supporters who were from the military and working class who were backing him which strengthened his campaign. A historian named Robert Paxton said, “Above all Mussolini bested D’Annunzio by serving economic and social interests as well as nationalist sentiment” (Paxton 2004). This lead to his rise to power and him as sole …show more content…

Professor A.F.K. Organski saw fascism as “A developmental stage in the modernization process, an elite dictatorship that advanced and industrialized a nation’s economy.”(Organski) Mussolini was able to do many positive movements for Italy, one was being able to unite the two sections of Italy. One of the way he was able to unite Italy was to build the fine roads. “The Via del mare and the Via Dell’Impero were just two of the major roads that Fascism laid out in the Eternal City” (Baxa 2010). This was a positive step as it helped people get around Rome much faster, and the other improvement he made was the electrician of the Railways. I believe that helping to build these roads and the railways made the different sections of Italy unite and come together as one country. Rome being the city center and mussolini was able to include the farm lands which contributed to a much more unified working nation. I think with Mussolini military background he could tell that if the farm lands were not connected then the city would suffer without food, and there would be a lack of agriculture from Italy. With the railroads and roads there was an increase of jobs available to the people. I think these public work camps for the time was a great idea. The people could see there work of creating these roads and it made them feel needed and important. It gave people employment and there

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