Berlin Wall Pros And Cons

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President Trump in one of his first ever speeches promised the United States that he would build a wall along the U.S. and Mexico border to keep immigrants from sneaking themselves as well as contraband into the United States. According to CNBC the wall is predicted to be 30- feet high, making it nearly impossible for immigrants to climb over. The length of the wall is predicted to cover the Mexico border that is roughly 1,900 miles long and spans fours state: California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. In comparison, the Berlin Wall was 96 miles while the Great Wall of China is 13,000 miles long according to The Telegraph. The wall is estimated to cost roughly around 8 billion dollars.
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Trump proposed should be build or not is most compelling because of the well-rounded reasons both sides have towards this subject. Despite the fact that there is not that many reasons supporting why the wall should not be built I still choice to oppose against …show more content…

Trump made that can assure us that the wall will in fact prevent immigrants from entering the United States as well as keep immigrants from smuggling drugs into the United States? The border that was first build for the same purpose, to keep immigrants from bringing in illegal substances as well as themselves into the United States, is no use to the United States anymore despite the effort of the border to keep immigrants out it just ended up being a waste of money for the United States government as well as the American taxpayer. If the United States congress decides to agree upon this proposed, wall and do agree to pay for the immensely cost of the wall they are going to be very sadden by the results of the wall. No wall that has been built for the soul purpose to keep something out has had very much success. Here are a few of the most known ones that have tragically failed and serve no protection anymore to their fellow country/state. One of these failed walls is one that is known very well worldwide. Pres. Trump actually compared his wall to this wall, The Great Wall Of China. As said by Trump has compared his grand plan of a U.S.-Mexico border wall to the Great Wall of China. Construction on the 13,000-mile wall began in the 3rd century B.C. and continued into the 14th through 17th centuries under the Ming dynasty. Originally built to prevent attacks on China from the north and meant to keep out

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