Great Wall Dbq Analysis

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The Great Wall was a 5,500 mile long wall with beautiful designs. It was amazing, but you have to ask yourself: Did the benefits outweigh the costs? Yes, the benefits did out weigh the costs because China was given more protection, The Great Wall provided merchants and travelers with services and The Wall contributed to China’s social rank.

To start off, People who lived within China’s Walls were given more protection. In Document B, The Xiongnu were planning to invade China, as a result Wu Di decided to build a wall. After the construction of the wall, everyone was safe and they were protected from invasions.

Another benefit is travel and trading purposes. In Document D, Wu Di used to wall to the help travelers and merchants influence the world in trade with other nations. The wall made a way for people to travel, helped travelers and merchants reach and exit China and protected people in and out of China. …show more content…

In the text there was a quote that said, “It is also important to note that the beautiful, winding, Great wall that we all have in our minds……” which states many things about glory and beauty. The Great wall can attract new people and contribute to China’s beauty and glory.
Even with the Great wall, with the benefits come costs. An extreme ocst that people faced was death. “About 300,000 men from Qin’s army were ordered to build and guard the wall until complete.” This quote tells how many people were ordered to build the wall. China’s Great Wall is also called the longest graveyard because so many people died there. Many people were ordered to build the wall, but so many people died there which is why it is considered and extreme cost.

In conclusion, The benefits did outweigh the costs. Although many people died while building it, The Great Wall provided protection, helped merchants and travelers and contributed to China’s social rank, beauty, and

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