An Analysis Of Billie Holiday's Song 'Strange Fruit'

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“Love is like a faucet, it turns on and off,” is one of Billie Holiday’s quotes that she once said . Billie Holiday also had many issues she was addicted to drugs and alcohol which hurt her career later on in her life. Billies most famous song “ Strange Fruit” was one of her biggest hits. She has loved music her whole life. She also has helped shape jazz music. She has won many Grammy Awards, and she got inducted to the Rock and roll Hall of Fame making her one of the best jazz pioneers in the 20th century. Billie Holiday got inspired by her influencers so that when she realized that she wanted to start her own singing career. Billie Holiday began singing in her early years in Baltimore , Maryland where she was brought up until …show more content…

Billie sees herself playing a horn rather than singing in a nice tone with a different tone to it (Holmes , 2006) . Holidays was from singing were different from other artists. She would tone her voice different from other singers and break up the lyrics to some of her songs. Billie Holiday had some really good songs she but some of them were better than others (Homes , 2006). One of Billie Holiday 's song " Strange Fruit" was first heard by Billie Holiday on January 1939 (Trodd , 2005). The song “Strange Fruit” was about African Americans and White people and the differences on how they were treated because they were different ( Holmes , 2006). Also the song “Strange Fruit” was about African Americans being killed just because there color of there skin was different. The whites were hanging the black people on trees to kill them and to let them suffer ( Larkin , …show more content…

Holiday became famous for unique voice and tone of her music. She also went to the Grammy Hall of Fame in the year of 2000 for some of her songs ( Dehuff , 2015). Since she had a unique style in her music and voice she earned a nickname. Some people called Billie Holiday “ Lady Day”. Billie Holiday 's real name wasn 't her real name but only her stage name ( Holmes , 2006). She got the name Billie from Billie Dove which was another artists that she loved her real name was Eleanora Fagan ( Stalker , 2015 )

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