Bluecollar Jobs Case Study

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Bluecollar Jobs
Joe Lamachiaa, who is the founder of blue collar and proud of, a website deicated to letting people know there is no shmae in being blue collar. Mr.Lamachiaa believes that people are over looking trade jobs such as plumbing, construction workers, electricians, etc and are pushing everyone to go to college, when college is not for everyone.
Mr. Lamachiaa argues that scholls are pushing children to go to college even though it might not be the best thing for that participle child, “even if it’s just to get a liberal arts degree.” Lachimaa states. But shoud we pressure children to go to college for a degree that doesn’t mean anything to them. Due to this there are not enough trade people. There has been a shift from massive …show more content…

Lachachiaa bring up is that half of them can’t find a job in their field when they graduate. So not only are they now working in a field irrelevant to their field of study, but they are thousand of dollars in student loans. He argues that certain people (hyper) need to get out and work, yet society pushes them and trys to mold them into beign soething that they are not. Mr. Lachamiaa believes that these people would be happier working with their hands and releaseing some of that hyperactivity. Mr. Lachamiaa says he is very greatful for those college educated, engneeirs, doctors, architects and lawyers. The world needs these people he reassures, but it is just not for everyone.
The strongest arugment in my opinion is kids going into 10’s of thousand of dollars in debt for a college degree that they don’t use. I know several people that went to school to please someone else, got a degree in something they weren’t that interested in and work in something completely unrelated. The only thing they have to show for their work is a big tutition bill.
I don’t find Mr. Lachamiaa’s arguments particularly persuasive or non-persuasive although I do agree with most of what he says. College should be a person’s personal choice. College is wonderful for some, but not for all. There is nothing wrong with learning some kind of trade or working with your hands. There should not be a stigma or any shame placed on someone who is considered blue

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