Body Image And Self Esteem

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Student is one of the most important assets of a nation. For the greater prosperity of a nation it is essential that the maximum potentials of the younger generation should be explored and utilized. Body image and self esteem have an important impact on the achievement of students. There are different values that approve himself and a student who is the belief that he is capable of performing in a certain manner to attain their certain goals.
In modern Psychology, a number of researches have surfaced to explore perceptions related to the idealized body image and its expected impact on the human behavior. Body image is a subjective picture of one’s own physical appearance established both by self observation and by nothing the …show more content…

Self-esteem is how you value and respect yourself as a person it is the “real” opinion that you have of yourself. Self-esteem impacts how you take care of yourself, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Body image and self esteem also directly influence one another if you hate your body, it’s not easy to feel good about yourself.
When you have healthy body image, you feel comfortable about your body and you know how to take care of yourself. If your body is healthy, you are able to listen to what it needs. This means that you and your body are not too irritable, tired or depressed, too easily frustrated, too anxious or angry, and you have enough energy to spend time with your friends and family, participate in sports and other activities that you enjoy, and concentrate on school or work.

People with good self-esteem often have positive and confident thoughts and feelings about their body. Having a healthy body image means recognizing the individual qualities and strengths that make you feel good about yourself beyond weight appearance, and resisting the pressure to strive for the myth of the "perfect" body that you see in advertisements and in the …show more content…

It requires respondents to evaluate how different their ideal body is form their perceived actual body, and how important it is for them to attain the perceived ideal body. This battery consists of importance and discrepancy. The importance sub scale assess the importance of each physical ideal regardless of the discrepancy between actual and ideal itself. Higher scores signal greater importance. This is 4 point likert type scale. That is not important =0, somewhat=1, moderately important =2, very important =3. Discrepancy subscale reflects the difference between an individual’s actual and ideal appearance with high scores reflecting greater discrepancy it is 4 point likert type scale that is exactly as I am =0, almost as I am =1, fairly unlike me =2, very unlike

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