Book Of The Lion Analysis

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The Life of Crusader The Book of the Lion by Michael Cadnum is a novel based in Medieval Europe and is about an apprentice named Edmund who joins Richard the Lion-Hearted to fight in the Holy Land during the Third Crusade. The novel is narrated in first person or in Edmund’s point of view as he experiences many battles that are actually historically correct such as the main battle, Battle of Arsuf. Michael Cadnum correctly portrays hand-to-hand warfare and also horse and lance battles. Military and religion are very involved in the book and in history because of the medieval weaponry used and the motivation that Christianity gave to the Crusaders. Michael Cadnum’s The Book of the Lion very accurately portrays the driving force of Christianity for Crusaders, how their weapons like …show more content…

Christianity was a motivator for Crusaders as portrayed in Michael Cadnum’s The Book of the Lion. In the book, Christianity is shown by Edmund and many other people believing and worshipping a deity or god. When Edmund was riding on the ship and people around him including himself were sick, he prayed to God. “I prayed in my weakness, not unlike the offering of a dying man to Heaven. I begged the aid of Our Lord Jesu, from whom proceeds all understanding and goodness. I wished for a rosary, with its gaudy heads, but instead closed my eyes and opened my heart to Heaven” (Cadnum, 63). Crusaders were heavily reliant on their religion and prayed to their god

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