Breakfast Club Identity

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In “The Breakfast club” the group exemplifies the group dynamic in society by showing that everyone is different and that people tend to stick to their own kind. They become an in group by bonding together in saturday detention, even though they're all completely different. Throughout the film, they all start to connect to each other and all their identities change from not being all about themselves. All of them start to click to each other and realize that they can be friends. The Breakfast club is a group of students in a saturday detention that are all different from each other. This is a connection between kids that are all in different cliques, but for one day they all come together to gather realizations about their lives. Claire can …show more content…

Andy is a wrestler that is also a popular guy that likes to party. He is known as “The athlete” that people don't usually mess with. Allison is the really weird girl in school that doesn't talk much and people don't notice or know much about her. People refer to her as “The basket case”. Lastly, Brian fits into the group of nerds that are good guys and have good home lives. People know Brian as “The brain”. “Who do you think you are” is the writing assessment given to them by Mr. Vernon. They responded by saying that they're all different and they all know who they are. All of them may be part of different social groups or cliques, but they all know who they are. The sociological implications for this assessment were to see if they could define who they are. Without some stereotyping them into a groups and cliques, Mr. Vernon wanted to see how they could show how they personally are. The words of wisdom by Carl the janitor were that he wasn't just anybody. He was an important person that always knew what was going on throughout his halls. “ eyes and ears at this institution”. That's what Carl said to them meaning that just because he's a janitor doesn't mean he's a

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