Brief Essay: How Technology Makes People Lazier?

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Technology Makes People Dumber Technology makes people dumber, because people can just look everything up on their electronic device. Technology can also cause people to get easily distracted. It can cause changes in behavior by making people lazier. This is unfortunate, because technology has brought about the many wonderful opportunities through social media and global communication. People need to stop relying on technology in order to counteract the habits acquired through the use of technology that have made people, as a whole, dumber. Social Media has changed the way people go through their daily lives and using it can cause issues. In fact, it can cause anxious and nervous people depending on the environment (Sanders 19). Also, if people use technology for a great amount of time, they start to get uncomfortable talking to people in social and business situations (“Technology and Society”). Technology makes people not want to think, but to just look…show more content…
For example, people use their phones when they are stopped in the car (Sanders18). Multitasking while driving is dangerous because it causes people to lose focus. For instance, if people are driving it makes them not pay close attention to their soundings, which causes a chance of more accidents. Phones have affected how people drive, how people date, and also, how people stand and walk (Sanders 18). Phones cause interruptions, because of the ringing and vibrations that make us want to look at the phone, even while performing other activities (Sanders 20). These interruptions impacts memory and remembering things for long periods of time (Sanders 20). Most people hate not having their phone right next to them. When people sleep they make sure their phones are right next to them to act as a comfort at bedtime, but people also use them for alarms (Sanders 18). People like to be close to their phones at all times for
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