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Current Event #5 Summary Bullying is still a serious problem that has no algorithm to resolving it. Some of those who get bullied overcome it, but most usually end up with bad consequences, such as having mental disorders, or even commit suicide. However, those who bully also suffer. Both bullies and victims suffer from “sleep disturbances, gastrointestinal concerns, and headaches.” Now, bullying is considered as a “serious public health problem” with bearing many negative health problems. Relevant Terms Positive reinforcement (8): adding a stimulus in order to increase the frequency of the desired behavior From a bully 's’ perspective, they attain happiness and excitement when bullying (although short-lasting). Also, the bully may attribute its own stress to other inferiors, which will help the bully become “free of stress.” External locus of control (18): the feeling when someone thinks s/he do not have a control of own life; in other words, he/she believes that their future is already chosen. The inferiors who get bullied think in terms of external locus of control. The reason those who get bullied end up commit suicide is because they do not think their life will ever change in the future and that their only way to get over with their current situation is to step out of their …show more content…

I grew up in Korea, listening to television news where it talked about students committing suicide after suffering from bullying. By psychologically thinking, I thought I would be able to empathize with the victims by analyzing the article. Even though this was a fairly short article, it told me a lot about our society. Bullying is not necessarily a “current event,” but it is a rampant event that still might be happening at the moment I am writing this. Somewhere in the world, a person may be suffering from depression, while we are not even cognizant of the fact of

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