Captain Torres Research Paper

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PYONGYANG- In the morning of Monday April 1st , 1974, approximately at seven am, military captain, Torres, 45, was brutally murdered. The body was discovered in a barber shop after four days of seaching. Main suspect is the Barber, and he is currerntly missing. The murder of Captain Torres enraged Supreme leader Kim Jong Un. Conflict between the rebels and the government reaches a new level of intensity with many people claiming that the barber was a rebel. Military captain, Torres was not present at important missions and meetings. Which prompt a massive search party to find Captain Torres. No evidence leading to the location of Captain Torres was found, until the fourth day. A battered soldier recently back from a lengthy mission was on his way for a shave, discovers the dead body of Captain Torres in the barber shop. Government officials immediately arrived at the crime scene, along with many forensic scientists. Evidence from multiple investigations concluded that it was a case of homocide. Judging from the deep servere cuts on the Captain’s neck, the weapon in which …show more content…

Though, the decision on declaring the barber as the murder was not final. Around that time, many speculation circle in the city arguing that the barber was a rebel. A report on the case was released by the government on Tuesday April 2nd, predicted what had happened on the day Captain Torres was killed. The report states that, “On Sunday March 31st, Captain Torres went to a barber shop for a shave. However, he did not know that the barber was a rebel. As soon as he let his guard down, the barber swiftly dug and sliced the Captain’s throat. To confirm the captain’s death, the barber conducted more slices across the throat.” The prediction was supported by the large amount of congealed blood that suround the body. Even though, all the evidence pointed towards the barber, he was nowhere to be

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