Essay On Car Safety

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According to the Association for Safe International Travel, nearly 1.3 million people die in car crashes year, with around 35 million being left severely disabled or injured. These statistics are the reason why car companies are spending big dollar every year, to advance their safety features. Toyota alone invested 1 billion dollars, in a plan to make self-driving cars safer by the 2020 Olympics. Car safety experts work alongside scientists to identify what must be added or modified to newly manufactured cars, in a bid to make them safer. Companies design their cars around features that could potentially save millions of lives, and it does not only include seatbelts. While wearing a seatbelt prevents you from getting projected out of the car, many other features are responsible for saving lives. Features that play an important role in reducing collision, include a car’s crumple zone and airbags.

In a car accident, the lower the impact to the actual outer structure of the car, the more severe the
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Consequently, car companies have invested large sums of money to make their cars safer, including extra airbags and ABS brakes. Crumple zones and airbag technology is improving every year, in a worldwide competition to create the world’s safest car. Throughout time, researchers have been able to reinforce the credibility of features, including crumple zones and airbags, by applying Newton’s Laws of Physics. The application of these rules, has resulted in major breakthroughs and advancements in the car industry. Many factors are still preventing the spread of safe driving, including ethics and culture. Developing countries have yet to prioritize safety over cost, still making it legal for features such as airbags and seatbelts to not be included in cars. The envolving of technology every day is paving the path to a safer and greener future, perhaps with flying
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