Cardiologist Application Essay

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Throughout my life, my parents have supported my ideas, and encouraged me to follow my intuition and find my passion. Basically, this is why I attended Medical school!
Following College graduation, a spiritual journey of mine has taken place, looking for what I really want in life and career. I asked myself earnestly "If all the risks and the practical assumptions were not taken in account, what would I want to further study?" and a certain voice was saying "The Heart".
This spectacular organ which works continuously to keep us alive was my major interest in medicine. Passionately reading and discovering its anatomy, physiology and diseases made me score high in this field.

On my final year, I was chosen to take five-week clinical attachment with a Cardiologist at the "Coronary Care Unit" and it was my experience of a life time! Following that, I got a certified training in Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and (BCLS). These clinical experiences has made me more eager to study more about cardiovascular medicine. …show more content…

Proudly, my efforts were rewarded a year later, when my research was chosen to be published in a medical journal and presented in AlNahrain Scientific Conference. This experience made me further believe in the power of research and how the qualified in-depth researches are great influential factors that made substantial changes in the history of medicine, as they will have in its future.

In addition to my passion and research background, there is another and more significant cause to choose attending those courses; Heart diseases, the world's number one cause of death, are particularly rising among Arab countries including Iraq. It's a challenge and it's putting more responsibility on new Iraqi doctors to take the lead and dig for future solutions.

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