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The Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University’s (LKSOM) mission and values reflect the will of an institution to impart students with an understanding of the necessary balance between gaining knowledge and fostering a sense of community. This commitment manifests in the emphasis on longitudinal care, interprofessional team learning, and the many varied opportunities for volunteering in the city and abroad. The opportunity to contribute to a wonderful community in one of the most culturally vibrant cities in America has drawn me to LKSOM. An education at LKSOM means many things: living in a beautiful city, having the opportunity to participate in world-changing research, serving an incredibly diverse patient population, traveling abroad, as well as pursuing various other life-changing experiences. …show more content…

As the curriculum and outcomes demonstrate the value of an education at LKSOM, experiences lend insights about a person. While no patients will be directly influenced by my playing on a soccer team, the traits engendered by many years of team sports will have a profound effect on my practice. A person’s experiences make a person who they are; the experiences available at LKSOM are what makes it so appealing. After reading student accounts and researching all that Temple and life in Philadelphia offers, I am convinced that the rigor of education, the number of opportunities, and the depth of experiences available makes LKSOM extremely attractive. Opening my mind to new perspectives and unique challenges faced by others will be exciting. I look forward to enhancing my self-awareness and honing my skills in medical practice at LKSOM. In the future, I believe I will reflect and be extremely satisfied with the community that I found, grew into, and helped improve in Philadelphia while attending

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