Career Internship: Athletic Training

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Brandon Reed
Career Internship
Mrs. Wooding
May 1, 2017
Athletic Trainer An athletic trainer is a person who is hired through schools, colleges and even professional sports. They play a big role in athletes lives and their job is to keep athletes healthy, happy as well as on the playing field so they can continue to compete. In high school sports athletic trainers are in charge of every sport and must be at all practices and games to keep an eye out on athletes. Trainers have a lot of responsibilities as well as coaches job is to show athletes the basics of the game. Why are trainers needed on high school staff when coaches take first aid? This is a big question asked by parents today; this paper will help explain why high school trainers …show more content…

The negative parts of having as many athletes in one school is the fact that it causes more stress on the athletic trainer. In an article it says “ most athletic trainers cover every sport they are assigned to that are in the school” (Pike 7). Having stress as a trainer could affect the way they perform their job, they must be accurate and fast when it comes to getting a task completed. Even though trainers have big responsibilities they also have a large area to cover and every sport to attend so they are always meaning from sport to sport depending on what is going on that day. Having a trainer on staff takes care of all the issues that other people such as teacher, coaches or the principle does not want to deal with throughout the season. Having them is essential and a must need especially if you want to have a good sports program and you want your top athletes to be healthy for the season. In order to be known as a good program you have to do what others schools do and that is hire a athletic trainer and let them do what they went to college for and put all the work in their hands and let them do what they do …show more content…

Being an athletic trainer you must be able to have a relationship with your athletes as well; for the sole purpose that if an athlete does not feel comfortable around the trainer then they will never come to get looked at for an injury and it can hurt the player more and affect the team that the athlete is playing for. Both of the two must spend hours upon hour getting ready for the season; making sure that they have all the equipment, all the tools, and all the other small things they needed so they both make sure they are on the same page. The athletic trainer and the coach must communicate throughout the season or after every practice to ensure they are on the same page and so the trainer can relay any information that he thinks the coach must know. The coach must listen to the trainer if it involves a player and an injury. If the trainer thinks that a player shouldn’t practice or the player shouldn’t play then the coach can not overrule what the trainer said and do the opposite. They must both get along even if one does not like the other for the sole purpose that they must be on the same page because what their number one job is, is to keep the player

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