Case Study Of Caffé Nero

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Caffé Nero

Background Information:

In this report I will be studying caffé Nero’s marketing mix specifically product and price

Caffé Nero is an Italian coffee shop founded in 1997 by Gerry Ford. They are a private limited company launched onto the London stock market in March 2001 with the headquarters located in London. They specialised in espresso based coffee drinks and have a revenue of £227.9 million. There is now currently more than 800 café Nero’s in the UK. Caffé Nero works with the Rainforest Alliance which is a non-governmental organisation that aims to help the farmers and other forest communities making them a stronger and easier place to live. They also support British dairy farmers and are a zero waste company and use old
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With the positive reviews the shows that overall the company is very positively viewed meaning that people are more likely rebuy from the company and more likely to tell a friend therefore leading to them telling a friend this would then have the company ending up with more profit. Another benefit of having good reviews on trip advisor is that a lot of people seem to use review website before going to the place this then ends up leading to more promotion as more people can see it and as an increase in profit as people are more likely to go somewhere with positive…show more content…
This website has also showed me the huge effort the company make for recycling since 2010 which now a days has become a huge deal and a lot of people have started to care a lot more about the plant and environment, with this information widely available to the company people will be more likely to go with a company who recycles rather than a company who don’t due to this Caffé Nero will get more people wanting to buy their coffee over other leading brand leading to a higher profitable

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