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Caffé Nero

Background Information:

In this report I will be studying caffé Nero’s marketing mix specifically product and price

Caffé Nero is an Italian coffee shop founded in 1997 by Gerry Ford. They are a private limited company launched onto the London stock market in March 2001 with the headquarters located in London. They specialised in espresso based coffee drinks and have a revenue of £227.9 million. There is now currently more than 800 café Nero’s in the UK. Caffé Nero works with the Rainforest Alliance which is a non-governmental organisation that aims to help the farmers and other forest communities making them a stronger and easier place to live. They also support British dairy farmers and are a zero waste company and use old …show more content…

From this survey I manage to find out the overall opinion of the price and product quality from the general public and the results are very similar to those on trip adviser which were that Great product but overly expensive, with around 43% of people saying it was an amazing product and 40% of people saying it was Overpriced these surveys were carried out on 100 people and confirms and makes the trip advisor reviews more reliable, this shows the product quality is amazing and it also shows also shows that out of the 100 people I asked only 75 percent actually bought at Caffé Nero meaning they have to do some sort of price promotion to help draw new customers in. This survey also shows that a majority of people seem to think that the make amazing coffee but are very overpriced this impacts the business as people may only tend to buy the coffee I on a special occasion rather than an everyday purchase due, the price to this the company may get the reputation of being unpractical and too expensive for everyday …show more content…

This website has also showed me the huge effort the company make for recycling since 2010 which now a days has become a huge deal and a lot of people have started to care a lot more about the plant and environment, with this information widely available to the company people will be more likely to go with a company who recycles rather than a company who don’t due to this Caffé Nero will get more people wanting to buy their coffee over other leading brand leading to a higher profitable

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