Case Study Questions: Group Communication In The Group

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1. What role did you take on in the group? Did the group assign different tasks to different members, or were a number of the tasks shared? Did the task(s) you were assigned fit well with your natural talents, interest, and expertise? Please explain. I am responsible for the major part of recording and editing video in the group. Also I also acting as marketing manager in the video. Yes, some of group members assign to find research paper and some of them responsible for directing. Yes, these tasks were assigned fit to me since I am the only one in the group who had video edit experience before. 2. How does writing out a sales script differ from outlining and writing another kind of speech, such as informative, or storytelling? What did you…show more content…
Do you feel that your group was effective and powerful in its sales presentation? Do you think it would convince prospective customers to enroll? If not, why not? What could have been improved? Yes, our presentation was effective and powerful. I think it could convince customer because we provide research data result and customer comments. These information are easily to convince our audience. But we could put more efforts for providing real environment such fancy work equipment or more customer review, that will be more persuasive to audience. 6. Review Chapter 20, group communication, in the text. Discuss how any of the concepts discussed in this chapter were evident to you in your group. I think in video filming circumstance, Justin is the leader to separate al the tasks individually. Also he will provide suggestions for what we say, what we do and How I recording. Cindy and I were maintenance-oriented roles. The rest of members were task-oriented roles. 7. Do you prefer to work on a speech individually, or in a pair, or in a group and why? I prefer to work on speech individually or less members if possible. Because group speech require a lot of work and it is really hard for college student to find a time which could allowed us sit together to share ideas for the…show more content…
However, if the product I am going to sell do not have much advantage compare to the similar product in the market, selling process is necessary for customer. Because in the selling process, hiding the disadvantage and express the major advantage of the selling product is possible. In that case, customer will tend to purchase these product. 9. Discuss the concept of niche marketing, and audience analysis, and why in this particular assignment, it was critical to your success. Right now, I am food science student and I am applying master degree of project management. If I work on making an new food product, I need do marketing service and a lot audience analysis. It would help me to know how customer think about the new flavor and what kind of food they would put interest on. That could be assist to make the new food product for the target audience. 10. Was there any conflict within group members that made it more difficult to succeed on task? Did any group members deliver less than what was needed and expected of them, and if so, please explain. If not, what did your group do right to eliminate that obstacle to

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