Ansoff Matrix Case Study

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Explain the concept “product/market expansion grid” (Ansoff matrix). Using the growth strategies based on this concept, suggest the initiatives of how Aldi can grow their business in Australia. Substantiate your argument.

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ALDI is a multi national retailer which was established in Germany …show more content…

Rather than applying new marketing strategy , Franklins copied the fresh food retailing positioning from Coles and Woolworth. It fails to get the place in market and shut down on 2001.
ALDI was researching upon the market and the types of customers in australia at that time. As soon as Franklins broke down , ALDI comes to the Australian market. It provide the customer 700 popular items with private level brands. In comparison with COLES and WOOLWORTHS it was much more cheaper which makes ALDI first priority for the customers. ALDI has always been consumer focused and its aims to provide quality products to its customer at low price . Its objective was market oriented which satisfy customer needs and wants and motivate them to come back again by selling cheaper product and providing best customer service.
The main objective of aldi is to grow its market all over the world. Thre main aim is to provide the customers high quality product with guarantee low …show more content…

It adopts strategy to do better in marketing mix which the operational part of planning process like price, product, promotion and place. To increase the market penetration ALDI needs to employee marketing strategies to increase the sales volume compare to its competitors.Advertising campaign, short term promotion, product improvements can be done in order to gain profit.

Product development is the new strategy where companies introducing new product in the existing market. Cost ,time ,quality are the main factors that effect customers needs and wants. Currently , ALDI is introducing new organic fruits and vegetables as per the demand of the cusomers. As it is adding more items in its business the market share rising day by day.

Market development is the growth strategy with existing product in a new market. The professional should research about the targeted market first and as per the need of the specific area the product should be introduce. For example, Muslim people eat halal meat so adding variety of halal food in the stores which are located in Muslim communities help to gain the loyal

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