Catalase Lab

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Catalase Activity on Substrate Based On Gas Pressure Production Rate Name of the Class Author’s Name Date Enzymes are organic compounds which act as catalysts and speed up biological reactions in biological organisms. They are not destroyed or changed during the reaction but rather they are used over and over again to catalyze many more reactions. Their activity may be affected and altered by factors such as temperature, substrate concentration, enzyme concentration and Ph. Example of enzymes involved in biological processes are classified into; oxidoreductases, transferases, hydrolases, lyases, isomerase and ligases. Catalase an oxidoreductase and among the vital enzymes in the body, it catalyses the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide …show more content…

The reaction rate will be measured by the rate of production of oxygen gas as hydrogen peroxide is …show more content…

Note the gradient of the line Exit the linear regression dialog and store the latest run data Add 2, 3, 4 drops of enzyme catalase solution to test tube 2, 3, 4 respectively and repeat the above procedure for each test tube. Access other groups results and fill table 4 RESULTS In this experiment it was found that increase in number of drops of enzyme suspension led to increased pressure as shown in the table 3. The reaction was repeated 3 times and average rate noted. From these rates a graph was plotted which describes the relationship of the pressure produced and number of drops added. The reaction rates were measured by Kpa/min and were written to 4 figures for precise results. Time was measured by stop watch. Table 4 shows a summary of all the groups which participated in the lab session. The similar feature is that there is increase in pressure rates with increase of drops

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