Catherine's Contribution As Administrative Assistant

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Catherine is currently serving as administrative assistant to the Associate Superintendent of Children and Family Services. In this capacity, she provides services to staff in five departments. Her workload calls upon a high degree of organizational skills, focus, and diplomacy as she tackles a multitude of deadlines and commitments. Additionally, Catherine provides support to the Translation Services Supervisor and has taken on responsibilities with great aplomb. By teaming with Catherine, Translation Services was able to offer two Colors of Spanish translator training series – one for RCOE staff and one for the Riverside County Translators’ Network. In total, over 100 attendees received benefitted from this experience. She has participated …show more content…

She embraces each challenge with the genuine excitement of improving or producing a product or service. This positivity is obvious through her work with Translation Services and with others. Hilma L. Griffin-Watson, Executive Director, Leadership Institute of Riverside County writes, “Catherine is consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with passion, purpose and a smile… Whenever the need arises for her to complete additional tasks to meet an impending deadline, Catherine rallies the team to ensure the work is done and our customers receive the best care.”She is a great visionary with a strong grasp on changes fast approaching and she prepares herself to meet the challenges by seeking out knowledge and learning through different means, be it formal training, conversations and self-initiative. This has become clearly evident through her work with Translation Services over the past two years. During this time, she has assumed responsibility for overwhelming, yet detailed tasks by establishing productive manual and automated systems to improve workflow. One such example is her mastery of Google Forms which is an application she uses extensively to create, documents, forms, surveys, etc. collaboratively online. Currently, she is working to automate translation services process to expedite the request …show more content…

One example is her involvement in the planning of the Colors of Spanish translator training series. The conference presenter was not familiar with RCOE’s process to provide services and encountered numerous obstacles when procuring the necessary documents, yet Catherine, while not coming across as condescending or abrupt, was able to guide her through the process and present different options to ensure the timely preparation of the consultant agreement. This culmination of patience and support allowed RCOE to bring in a high caliber presenter whose teachings will have a huge and positive impact on the non-English speaking students and families that receive services through districts in the counties of Riverside and San

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