My Leadership Principles

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My Leadership Principles What are my leadership principles? How can I become a great leader? Who are some of the great leaders I want to aspire to become? As I reflect back on what I learned through class, through the reading of Joel Manby’s book Love Works Seven Timeless Principles for Effective Leaders, from the reading of Richard L. Daft’s book The Leadership Experience, and from my various work environments. I will answering these questions and more to describe what I hope to achieve with the principles I will establish to become a great role model and leader. What makes a great leader? Several components go into making a great leader. As we learned through class lectures and discussions. The most important is the ability to listen.…show more content…
Seven Timeless Principles for Effective Leaders. Where Manby lists the following principles: patient, kind, trusting, unselfish, truthful, forgiving and dedicated as his principles for a leader. Principles on which he lives by and manages Herschend Family Entertainment. He also said, “when your personal values match your work values, you stand the best chance of being content” (Manby, 2012, p. 180). Which to me means that if we love God with our whole heart, mind and soul and love our neighbor as ourselves as it tells us to do in the Bible. Then we can lead with love first at work and be content with the outcome. Which I put into practice every chance I…show more content…
Sinke (2017) “According to Steven Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change. The seven habits needed to learn how to become a great leader are as follows: be proactive, begin with the end in mind, put first things first, think win/win, and seek first to understand then be understood, synergy, and sharpen the saw. Covey uses these principles to point out the different ways of looking at things. He helps guide you to become more aware of your leadership style and ways to improve. Using these principles, you become more effective as a leader. Anyone can learn to become effective if he or she are willing put these principles into
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