Causes Of Poverty And Inequality Essay

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Poverty and inequality
Who is to really blame for the increasing poverty and inequality in our fast growing world? Scope and Rationale: In my study I am going to analyze the physical and human factors that lead to poverty and inequality. It also spells out some of the measures which could be taken by me as a responsible citizen of today’s world and also by the concerned government authorities and role of NGOs. I chose this topic because in this fast growing world people still suffer from inequality which often leads to poverty. I was cribbing about new clothes but when I was passing through a slum, I thought about the children who couldn’t wear decent clothes and here I was asking for more. This made me think about poverty and inequality
Poverty is when a person lacks basic necessities and has minimal access to food, clothing and shelter this is known as poverty.
Global prospective.
Even in 21st century there are thousands of people still unfed. How are people dealing with the fact that people still can’t afford their 4 sq. meals a day? Who is to blame
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Who is to be blamed for this situation? My country India is second in world population and the poverty rate is also very high.. “According to World Bank the head count of poverty ratio in India is the people living on less than $1.25 a day is almost 32.7% in 2010.” It could be due the negligence of the Government departments in promoting farming or small scale industries which provide people with a job to earn for their lives. Educational backwardness (in certain regions of India) is also a reason for increase in informal jobs in which there is no fixed wage and also there can be days many may have to stay back home due to climatic conditions and political disorders which is very common in a multiparty democracy like

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