Causes Of The Boston Tea Party

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After the French and Indian War, the English government wants to increase the tax to get more money from the colonists. Therefore, they add many taxes such as the Stamp tax, Sugar Tax and Tea Tax and ask the colonists to be paid for the overwhelming national debt. The colonists in America were annoyed because this war was not for them but they are required to pay for the high tax. So they did acts for many times just like the Stamp Act. British soldiers wanted to suppress fact and clash with the colonists who were acting. Soldiers used guns to shoot them and there were 5 people dead. This famous event is been called Boston Massacre. After the Boston Massacre, colonists started to against the British government. So some of them, they called themselves ‘Sons of Liberty’, were making messes everywhere. The most famous event of those is the Boston Tea Party. After the Boston Tea Party, Britain added the Intolerable Acts that means that deprived the citizens’ power and British soldiers could search citizens’ house. This act infuriated all colonists and makes them together to against the government. The first clash was in Lexington and this clash was the start of the Revolution of Independence. In the 1776, the Second Continental Congress was beginning. The most important thing they decided was starting to draft the Article of Confederation. There are three problems about their national government. First is that the Continental Congress exists, but they did not have real power for
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