Causes Of Violent Video Games And Violence

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Do violent video games cause violence?
Imagine this,one day you go to sit on your couch and play some G.T.A. you play and play maby for about an hour or two and then you wonder, could i ever get away with murder?well you came to the right place,because today i will be talking about if violent video games cause violence.i 've done some research on this topic and found what others have to say,but now i have truth and i just need to put the pieces together now.let 's start from the top and work our way down, shall we.
In our country almost 58 percent of americans play video games,that includes both males and females,and over 50 percent of that 58 percent of americans play violent video games.most of the people of course that play video games and violent ones are children,and some definitely one of those teens and my friends.this has become an issue for big,huge violent video game companies like activision(the creators of call of duty) and rockstar(the creators of grand theft auto or commonly known as gta).there afraid about this issue because if this becomes a really big issue,then it might become a law were violent video games are illegal in the us and if that happens then those big,huge violent video game companies that make the big bucks will go out of business. Violent video games are actually pretty important to the us than you think.Some violent video games tell the history of our country,like call of duty world war 2 and some violent video games can

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