Research Paper On Central Park

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Central Park is arguably one of the most famous parks built in America, and it is frequently visited by 35 million guests per year. It also one of the most filmed locations and it is located in middle Manhattan, New York. It was first built in 1857 on 778 acres of public land, but it was later expanded to its current size of 843 acres in 1873. In 1962, while being administered by the National Park Service and listed by the US Department of Interior, Central Park was designated as a national historic landmark. For a long period, the park was managed by the New York City Department of Recreation and Parks but is currently being managed by the Central Conservancy. The Conservancy among other things contributes 75% of Central Park's $57 million annual budget and employs 80.7% of the Park's maintenance staff. Central Park oozes class, and it is a major destination for thousands of people (Benjamin and Harrington, 1985) …show more content…

One of the surprising fact about Central Park is that in August 1997, it hosted the biggest concert ever on record. The free concert was attended by 980,000 people and country singer Garth Brooks performed. Therefore, this park has a rich history, beautiful nature and numerous opportunities for activities, culture, fun, and relaxation. Central Park is a major destination for student trips, family outings, concerts and music festivals, shootings and various cultural events. Having been designed by prominent architects, this park serves as a model for many urban parks in the world (Taylor, 1999). Certainly, spending time at the Central Park gives one lifetime memories and

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