Cesar Chavez Chicano Movement Analysis

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There was a time in which the minorities within America began to emerge up from the trench of inequality and injustice, and that is when the civil rights movements came in existence. The sole purpose for these protest movements was to restore their basic rights as U.S citizen, getting recognized as equal under the eyes of law. However, in spite of enactments of many civil right laws, using various tactics and strategies and substantial amount of toil and struggle, not all of those movements were successful in achieving their aims. Only few movements were able to acquire their objectives.
Starting off from first most significant movement of the 90s, the civil rights movement of African Americans, outnumbering other minorities in America. From …show more content…

They too demanded for their civil rights as citizens in the society. This strong determination to earn their separate identity in the nation compelled the notable leader Cesar Chavez to form Mexican civil rights movement, also known as the Chicano movement started in the 1940s. Similar to the civil rights movement for blacks, it established its foremost aim, to fight for racism and the civil and voting rights, specifically for the migrant Mexican American farm workers, as they were suffered from injustice to great extent. To resolve problems on that side, Cesar Chavez co-founded National Farm workers Association. Minister David havens, in his detailed analysis on the farm worker organization, he mentioned about the collective efforts of him and his fellowmen into forming a community that would bring about prosperity for the migrant farm workers saying that, “all of us shared a faith that we could change the system. This faith was based on a belief in ourselves based on a theology that taught us it was our responsibility to attack social injustice”. (14 of 65 readings). Cesar thought of using strategies that would overthrow the oppressive system imposed on the Mexican Americans workers. Their major effort was the labor camp rent strike, to gain support from farm workers activists. This method of strike led towards the path of pride for the farm workers. According to David Havens,” …show more content…

In terms of reviving rights for the minorities, civil rights movement made it as one of the innovative movement of the 90s in America. Even though it failed to erase the De facto segregation which caused the African American face tedious times in the employment sector, it still did considerable amount of success in holding its legacy. Martin Luther King Jr. could be said as the most intellectual civil rights leader which made the episodes of brutality over the blacks get notified by the southern white leaders. Soon enactment of 15th amendment granted the blacks the right to vote, making the blacks the right of their say in the political department of the country. “it is estimated that thousands of Black men used their votes to help keep the Republicans in power. “(8 of 65 doc readings).Even though this movement went only halfway towards fulfilling their aims and objectives, it still provided the African Americans adequate justice to survive as a minority in America., making it as the most progressive and successful protest movement of those

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