Chanel N Five: Product Life Cycle

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Chanel N '5 is not only distinctive in its composition, besides it uses one of the first aroma compound fragrances of synthetic notes known as Aldehydes, scented like a florescent soap of citrus. (2) This doesn’t actually mean the chemical compound lowers the quality of the product but instead these synthetic notes results in unique expressions than using the actual notes from actual flowers and plants. (2) Besides, everlasting in its beauty, integrity, Parisian style, and rigid quality, none of the other brands can overtake the class, sophistication, and refined taste to this fined little glass bottle of Chanel N '5 which was invented over 90 years ago. In fact, CHANEL No. 5 is not only still one of the best-selling perfumes in the perfume industry, but also it represents everything complex with steadfast beauty and intelligence of a woman. (2)
Chanel N '5 's stage of Life cycle In order to discuss the current life cycle stage of Chanel N '5, we now look on the Product life cycle (PLC) theory, which is a concept that provides the steps for a product acceptance, from its birth stage of introduction, growth, maturity to its decline. (3) Chanel No.5 perfume series fall in the growth stage of the product life cycle, where they face more competitors. (3) The growth stage enters after surviving from the birth stage. Chanel N’5 perfume new version falls in this stage and at this stage, the sales increases rapidly and the profit reaches to the peak. (3)So, there will be many

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