Changing Foster Care System

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I believe that foster care system should be changed for the better of the child only because i know that most kids started off with a bad life and to top it off they have to be in a foster home and most disagreeable kids can just go to a juvenile detention center if not adopted.But really not a lot of things should change like when they do background checks it is most likely very necessary because you don 't want to put a miserable kid with it 's like fighting fire with fire it 's not good for either of them.

But somewhat the system should also be changed because if you take in a misbehaving kid and just put them in juvenile detention center it won 't help them be off and to a better start it very confidence breaking the kids deserve …show more content…

Now to the pro side of all of this it is good for the people adopting the kid it gives them a chance to love something that maybe the can 't have or at least giving them a shot at being parents and it will give the kid a second chance to.The kid can bond with them the kid will feel loved and so will the parents no matter who you are you should always feel like someone is there for and thats what these parents are tryna do for these kids “If you have no kids, wait until your foster kids call you Mom and Dad for the first time. It is an awesome feeling and you will never look at life the same. There is no love like that of a child’s where they depend on you for so much.” I feel that this quote/saying is basically understanding the meaning of a new start like how every mother gets to feel that special little sense of love when they hear their baby 's first cry ,and the baby 's first word. So why not let mothers and father who can 't have babies have a chance to hear that to let them know that the baby was meant for them.

Now another discussion on this topic is the parents are not only fulfilling there dreams but they are saving a life that would have not been saved and i know that not all parents are the bad ones there just the kind loving ones the looking forward to something ones.Your also helping out the family by taking care of something that they

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