Chapter 751 Discipline Essay

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Discipline…this one word is what defines and separates civilians between United States Army Soldiers. Not only do we have standard operating procedures on discipline, but we also obtain a regulation on discipline itself as read in Army Regulation Six-Hundred and Ninety-Seven Hundred, Chapter 751. Upon reading the following United States Army regulation, AR 690-700, you will clearly see that the United States Army holds their troops up to the highest standard and will accept nothing less than the most immaculate, physically fit, mentally prepared, professional into their elite fighting force for freedom. As stated in Army Regulation 690-700 Chapter 751 Subchapter 1-1 Paragraph 1, “Discipline is a part of the daily responsibility of supervisors …show more content…

The United States Army does not only have Standards and Regulations such as AR 670-1which covers Army Dress and Appearance, but we also live by a set of beliefs called Army Values. The seven Army Values are as follows: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. Loyalty is what instills trust amongst your fellow warrior companions. Loyalty is what drives all our fellow battle buddies to push through all that is thick and thin; it is why we strive so hard to push through the dark times because we know at the end of the day we are all fighting for each other. Duty is what keeps us focused on the mission at hand. Duty is why we put on our uniform every morning and why we choose to work for those not in the military. Respect is why we maintain order in such dark desolate times. It is what can create a family and life-long friends. Selfless Service is what gives us the strength to run towards the sound of terror and disorder. Honor is what gives us the graceful peace in our strength. It is what keeps our minds at peace in the midst of war. Integrity is what creates strong bonds between soldiers. Personal Courage is the beating heart in our body. It gives us the strength to make it through any challenge

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