Essay On Army Values

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To: Sgt Sexton 28/AUG/2016
From: Pv2 Cutshall

Discuss how the army values apply to everyday life and how failing to follow them affects yourself, your squad and the Army as a whole .

Before I start to discuss how, I would apply the army values into my day to day life . Let me first explain the meaning of the Army values and what it stands for . Not only for me but for all soldiers and civilian that still live by it, after service or by the connection that they once had with the Army way of life . I will make sure to uphold the Army values and make sure to also apply it every day without exception . Without any more daley am going into full …show more content…

I will go into a short and brief explanation and examples for all seven values . But the really question is how often can you say that someone is actually living up to them ? We all learn these values in detail during Basic Combat Training, at least that is what the drill sergeant say . From then on we are to live them every day in everything we do — whether we on the job or off . To the point, the Seven Core Army Values listed are what being a Soldier is all about …show more content…

Caring administration is bigger than only one individual . In serving our nation, I doing my and your obligation reliably without considered acknowledgment or increase.What I am trying to say is that I will do my task without worrying about getting any awards or promotions . . . stuff like that . The essential building piece of sacrificial administration is the dedication of every colleague to go somewhat further, it can be only one soldier that goes beyond the call of duty . If we all have that in us we will be so much better and stronger . Persevere through somewhat more, and look somewhat nearer to perceive how he or she can add to the

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