Character Analysis: A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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After finishing As I Lay Dying, I cannot help but feel cheated. Then ending upset me so much. Anse is practicly the only happy person in the end of this story. Everyone else is left in despair. Darl gets sent to an insane asylum. I’m pretty sure Dewey Dell never gets her abortion, plus she was forced into having sex with MacGowan. Cash now has a shortened leg and will probably not be able to walk normal again. Jewel must trade his horse in order to get mules to transport his mother’s rotting corspe. And Vardaman is pretty much messed up for the entire book. Most of the problems they face during the journey to Jefferson are Anse’s fault. He is almost as bad as the grandma in A Good Man is Hard to Find; but luckily, he doesn’t get anyone killed in the process. I also sure that Addie really did not want to be buried at her families grave site. She really did not have a great relationship with her family and it begs the question, why is she not being buried at home with her immediate family? Us as the readers also never hear Addie say where she wants to be buried, it Anse who tells us this. I am sure …show more content…

Not only with Darl, but with Cash, Jewel, and Dewey Dell. With Cash, he refuses to take him to the doctors after he re-breaks his leg. Anse is in such a hurry to get to Jefferson, in order to get his new teeth, that he cripples his own son in the ordeal. With Jewel, like I said before, he sells his son’s horse in order to buy mules. He sells one of the most precious things to Jewel without even telling him. Lastly, he steals money from Dewey Dell in order to buy his fake teeth. He takes her only money, money that she was going to use to get an abortion, and practically seals Dewey Dell’s fate with MacGowan. Anse is a terrible person and I don’t know why he gets everything he ever wanted while his entire family gets mental hospitals and messed up

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