Characteristics Of Golden Retrievers

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If you were to ask any family who owns a dog, they would agree that the addition of the dog into their home feels like having another family member. I have had three Golden Retrievers in my lifetime, and I can say for a fact that there simply is not a better pet for a family out there. Given the vital role that a dog can play in a typical family dynamic, it is imperative that the family chooses a dog that will blend easily with their family and their everyday life. Golden Retrievers are obvious standouts in this category. A Golden Retriever is the right choice for a family to make when considering what kind of dog they want to become a part of their family because they have all the criteria that make up a perfect family pet. One of the most commonly known traits of a Golden Retriever is their unconditional love for their owners. All dogs are affectionate in their own ways. However, there is nothing quite like the love a Golden Retriever has to offer. No matter who the person is or how well the dog knows them, a Golden Retriever will undoubtedly show affection towards that person. The main goal of a Golden Retriever is simply to please their owner. According to Jessica Werb of Modern Dog Magazine, "They thrive on close human companionship, and want nothing more than to put a smile on the face of their owners" (Werb). This is one of the main reasons why Golden Retrievers are the most popular breeds of dog. It is rather hard not to love an animal whose main goal is solely to

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