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THE I.I.T. WAY The technocrats and managers seem to strike a daring for recent audience. The insider accounts of IITs and IIMs have become ultimate sellouts. The first writer to start this fashion was Chetan Bhagat, a pass out of IIT Delhi and IIM Ahmadabad. But later Sidin Vadakut’s Dork’s series, Neeraj Chibba’s Zero Percentile also followed the style. It obviously shows the Indian preference for technocrats and professional jobs. The hi- fi job’s glamour pulls people other than teaching, science research etcetera. Before a few decades Indian narratives used to cope with actors, strugglers, teachers and government workers. But today, the characters are new generation employees of Bank, call centre, internet café workers, copywriters etc.…show more content…
He highlighted the necessity of using the Indian English. The Gandhian philosophies and patriotic and local feelings were intentionally defended in his works. In the novel Kanthapura, we can see the characters addressing in local tongue and even the language giving highest justice to the translation of the local tongue. The characters were Indians in feelings and deeds. Writers who write about villages and the stories which may be useless to the cities like David Davidar are appreciated in newspapers and also abroad. But today, his works are not found in bestseller lists. But, the characters may be Indians, but we cannot feel an Indian language’s touch in their language. Amma, Appa, Papa, Maa is replaced by Mum, Dad etcetera. Even the conscience dialogues make it feels that the thought process is also in English. The conversational terminologies are similar to that of American fictions. It is, in a sense, an honest picture because the lifestyles are shifting towards Western World in metro cities especially. We cannot declare that the Indianess of writers is lost. However, the characters are becoming less Indian. The reason is that, the readers are more exposed to the Western lifestyles. To adjusted with their styles the characters also become pro-

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