Chewing Gum In School Essay

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Students should be allowed to chew gum in school because it improves education with students, helps students focus, and chewing gum helps with oral hygiene. There are many downfalls to chewing gum in schools, but there are a lot of positives to chewing the flavorful treat and chewing gum can be a positive thing. Chewing gum in class help students focus. Studies have shown that chewing gum in class or help to remember things such as math problems and vocabulary words. According to the Wrigley gum company chewing gum helps 65 percent of athletes and normal students focus during the game or class. It can help athletes relieve stress during a big before or during a big game. Chewing gum can also help students relieve stress before a big test …show more content…

Students ADHD or any student has shown in studies that a simple chewing motion can help students focus. We must have boundaries for chewing gum in school. Students might feel rebellious when they're chewing gum and when they're done with it they will stick the gum under the desk. This is not only gross but disrespectful to other students and most importantly to teachers. Therefore there must be a boundary for students who are chewing gum. Chewing gum can improve students oral health care. Space depending on the type of gum that student is chewing affect the outcome of the oral hygiene sugar-free gum is recommended by both dentist because it is the healthier type of gum. What is tooth decay? Tooth decay is when acids eat away at your teeth and chewing sugar free gum can help with tooth decay. That could help students reduce the amount of cavities that are in a student's mouth. Chewing sugar free gum will help student's breath stay nice and clean. In conclusion students should be allowed to chew gum in school. It helps many things but just like everything else in the world it may have its downfalls. Chewing gum is a privilege and it can be taken away from students who abuse this privilege. If anything gum is a very beneficial to a

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