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My goal is to give back to the community that strengthened me during my many trials in life. Service is important to me because it’s a way I can best help others. I was born with Bladder Exstrophy, a rare birth defect that occurs in 1 out of 50,000 live births. I decided at an early age to not let it define me or keep me from doing anything I desire to do. Recognizing the need to help me and support others with this disability, my parents organized an annual support group campout. During the 17 years of my family providing this service, I have helped with activities, food preparation, campfire programs, and general supervision. Three years ago, I began leading a discussion group so that every girl attending could have her questions and concerns addressed. The increased numbers of families attending each year are evidence our efforts have been successful.
Last year, I decided I wanted to make an even larger impact. So, I signed up for the Humanitarian Experience For Youth program. …show more content…

I plan to attend Brigham Young University this fall and take advantage of their excellent Family Life Human Development Department. I have read that BYU Provo 's Child Life program is amazing and that I can learn everything there I need to achieve my dream vocation. BYU Provo is also one of the few schools that offer the Child Life Specialist major. It has a wonderful children 's hospital close by, which would be invaluable for an internship and practicum. Child Life Specialists are child development experts who work to make sure life remains as normal as possible for children in health care. They work with medical staff to meet the unique needs of each child and family. Through my experience as a patient, I believe I can be forward-looking, equipped with knowledge of what helped me. I have faith in my good intentions and goals in life. I never plan to give up and always expect to

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