Christy Wampole Rhetorical Analysis

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Christy Wampole identifies the primary reason she feels modern young people adopt an “ironic” persona as the lack of culture the generation has to offer. As she describes her reasons for feeling this way, her statements could be classified as a claim of value, and in my opinion, it is not very convincing. I do agree with some of her points, and her piece is definitely thought-provoking, however, she attempts to prove her opinions based on judgements because of her own belief system. To Wampole, the young generation should not dress hipster, because it is not a true expression of who they are, but instead, it is an ironic way of life. To Wampole, all of the forms of art that are being “imitated” is just a repeated version of generations before, and in…show more content…
She uses her own generational culture and her own beliefs of the current generation to try to support her claim, but she does not provide, and possibly cannot provide any factual evidence since her argument is merely a form of opinion. In my opinion, her written piece is an ideological critique which says that if you are intentionally trying to look a certain way from a past generation then you are ironically living. She even implies that using “pre-wash” filters for photos, is ironic and possibly insincere. I agree with some of the points made, but she is painting this generation with a broad paintbrush. Would be fair to claim that her generation were also ironic hipsters? Surly we could come up with our own claims of values to describe her generation as ironic hipsters. Sure there are many people who are nostalgic, but this is something that humans have been doing for centuries – so her claims and implying that this is some sort of new phenomenon is ludacris and downright unfair. A major premise for some hipsters is the need for one’s independence from the influence of modern mainstream
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