Cinderella Poem Analysis

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“Cinderella” is a fable based on a moral lesson, that if you are pure and good at all times then you will eventually get what you deserve. This is a lesson that many want to convey so there are many versions of “Cinderella” like one of the first stories : “Cinderella” by the Brothers Grimm, there is also a more modern version a poem “Cinderella” written by Anne Sexton. The Brothers Grimm version is a traditional story with a interesting tone, and a not so specific pattern in its literature. The poem by Anne Sexton has altered the traditional tone and the literature pattern to be more direct. The modern work draws on from from the former story by having a plot that is in the exact same manner, and the theme again is a virtual subject that must …show more content…

The traditional story discreetly reveals Cinderella developing from her step families slave to a valued women worthy of a prince. In the Grimm Brothers story it states,” Then the bird threw down a much more beautiful dress than on the preceding day. And when Cinderella appeared at the wedding in this dress, everyone was astonished at her beauty.” This quote presents a event where Cinderella changes from her serving clothes into one of the most breathtaking pieces of clothing ever seen. Representing her growth in value and her want to be noticed and approached by the prince. In the poem however, there is a much stronger distinction that the literature pattern is rags to riches because of the beginning stating so many other stories with this pattern. In the poem it says. “Or the charwoman Who is on the bus when it cracks up And collects enough from the insurance. From mops to Bonwit Teller.” This quote explains the stereotypical stories that most people have heard, but then it goes into explanation about Cinderella and how that's a new exciting tale with the same concept and pattern. With the literature pattern being up-played by the poem “Cinderella” i believe it explains in more detail. However, I don’t believe this transformation was a change that has bettered the story I prefer the traditional story

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