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Cinderella was always my favorite princess. I remember countless days watching in awe as her rags turned to riches. I wished for a fairy godmother to appear and make my life into the fairytale that played out on the screen. As the years passed with no fairies or magic wands, I realized that I had experienced the transformation I had always dreamed of. Instead of the instantaneous physical change thanks to a fairy godmother, I had a slow, inner change that made me into the person I am today. I wasn’t always shy growing up, in fact, I was quite the opposite. I was confident and felt at ease talking to people and therefore, had a large circle of friends. But in middle school, my friends branched out while I struggled to keep the group intact. Everyone was moving on around me while I was at a standstill. I began to doubt everything and retreated into myself while I kept hanging to the idea taught to me in Cinderella. I was at my lowest point so where was my fairy godmother when I needed her? …show more content…

I realized that this problem wouldn't just transform into glass slippers and white horse-drawn carriages. Little did I know that the job I got at Dairy Queen to make some money would give me the tools to transform. At first, I stumbled over my words talking to customers and struggled to become friends with my coworkers. It was after a promotion to shift leader that I realized I was now able to take control of a situation, glide through customer interactions, and create friendships with my coworkers. The old me, who wasn't paralyzed by her insecurities and shyness, had never left and just needed to believe in herself to

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