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Turkish Politics
Michelangelo GUIDA

Could we define Turkish nationalism as a “civic nationalism”?


In this paper, I will write about the nationalism but more specifically about the Turkish civic nationalism. The main question is; “Could we define Turkish nationalism as a “civic nationalism?”” This article also contains Ziya Gokalp’s contribution to nationalism and Emile Durkheim’s thoughts about civic nationalism.
In this article there are three parts; in the first part, I will give brief information about nationalism and then we see what civic nationalism is. In the second part, we see who is Emile Durkheim and his theories about nationalism. In the third part, I will explain Turkish nationalism and I will try to give information about Ziya Gokalp and his
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There are two kinds of nationalism; ethnic nationalism and civic nationalism. Ethnic nationalism is eastern type of nationalism, which seems to be illegal and backward. However, civic nationalism is more rational, western and it seen as being looking forward.Civic nationalism is commitment to a state.
“The Turkish model of civic nationalism is often praised as a success, albeit an authoritarian one, in creating a unitary national culture. In fact, Turkey’s national identity have underpinned immigration and naturalization, internal movement and resettlement, education, language, and cultural policies. Turkish nationalism has weighed heaviest on Kurds, Islamists, religious minorities and the left.”
Actually, in Turkey political nationalism started in 1904 when Yusuf Akcura published the article “three policies”. For Akcura, Panislamism was some kind of a restriction, so he chose Panturkism. (Georgeon, 2001, 508-509). However, Ziya Gokalp and Yusuf Akcura, two important nationalist intellectuals had different ideas about nationalism. Nationalism for Yusuf Akcura based on ethnic and secular approach but for Ziya Gokalp it based on faith and

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