Argumentative Essay On Small Class Size

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Colleges are considered viable establishments for preparing students for jobs after their education career ends. However, they are not doing an optimal job in ensuring that students are obtaining the best education they can get. There is no pull or motivation factor to capture students’ attention within a large class. The most pivotal part of college is implementing what was learned throughout its duration, and applying it to a future career. Students are paying tens of thousands of dollars to attend college, and lowering the class sizes will help students receive the best education that they are paying for. Aside from the few classes that have small class sizes, I feel distant from the professor. In high school, I communicated with …show more content…

However, colleges and places of education need to get on board and realize how effective this strategy can be if it was …show more content…

The introduction of smaller class sizes will benefit college students to be further proactive in class and with their studies. Additionally, there will be a more welcoming and relaxed atmosphere for the students and teachers who can now connect on a personal level. Furthermore, the performance of students will increase because they can ask questions to the professor who will have more guided answers pertaining to the subject manner than the tutor. Students are forking out thousands of dollars for their education, and by lowering the class sizes it will increase the academic performance and motivation of the students to make their money worth

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