Classroom Discipline Model Examples

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Classroom discipline model developed by Lee Canter in 1987 (Newman, 2013). The main focus was to allow teachers to teach children in an environment where they "have a right to learn and a right to have a classroom free from behavior disruption to their learning" (Tuckman & Monetti, 2011, p.464). Canter also puts a lot of emphasis on positive reinforcement. Canter states: Example 2: Recognizing positive behavior. "Thank you, Sally for sitting in your chair in the correct way and keeping your hands to yourself" By doing this, Sally will understand that I like the behavior she is exhibiting. In the future, she will continue to demonstrate this behavior because of the positive comment I stated. Also, students will see that Sally 's behavior…show more content…
When we are done we put our cap on until we hear a "click" Example 1: Lizzy is being disruptive in the classroom. What do I do? She already knows the consequences due to me explaining them in the beginning of the school year. 1. Warning 2. 10 minute timeout 3. No recess 4. Parent phone call 5. Principal office Win-Win Discipline A discipline model created by Dr.Spencer Kagan. This discipline model focuses on handling "discipline problems at the moment of the disruption" (Kagan, 2002). There are a variety of reasons why a student misbehaves, "win-win discipline provides a teacher with different strategies to respond to the different students positions" (Kagan, 2002).T " I want teachers to learn that they have to take charge, explain their expectations, be positive with students, and consistently employ both positive reinforcement and negative consequences. These are the skills that form the basis of Assertive Discipline and of any effective program of classroom management" (Canter, n.d.). Example 2: Procedure When a student enters a classroom... Hi Amy, that was a great game y 'all played last night. Good morning, Isabel. I like your outfit today. Sam good luck on today 's football game. I 'll be cheering y 'all…show more content…
Respond with a win-win structure 4. Follow-up A teacher will construct a consequence for the student based on the behavior and position the student is displaying at that moment. -A process The teacher has set consequences. The teacher will explain to the students the rules. When a rule is broken the student will already know what is the consequence for their misbehavior. These details both agree that if misbehavior is being displayed a consequence will be administered. (Kagan, n.d.) "Students ' ability to gain the teacher 's attention by behaving appropriately" (Tuckman & Monetti, 2011, p.466). "The key to Assertive Discipline is catching students being good: recognizing and supporting them when they behave appropriately and letting them know you like it, day in and day out" (Canter, n.d.). When a student displays appropriate behavior the teacher should recognize their action. By stating a positive comment, a student will continue to exhibit the desirable behavior. Teachers should recognize a students positive behavior A procedure prevents a student from misbehaving Teachers say positive comments Teachers demonstrate positive actions Students needs
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