Coach Courtney: Out Of North Memphis At Manassas High School

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The movie is based out of North Memphis at Manassas High School. The football team lacks motivation for its players to participate in football and stay out of trouble off the field. The documentary follows the football team throughout their season and all of the extra off the field issues that affect football. The movie mainly focuses on Coach Courtney, the Tigers volunteer coach. Bill Courtney's full-time job is a business he owns but loves the Manassas football program so much that he volunteers his free time to those athletes and students. Throughout the season, it shows the struggles of the athletes in class and on the field, but also shows the struggles and obstacles Coach Courtney goes through. The team has several players that are very …show more content…

Not having a full-time coach hurts the program. A full-time coach would help the players stay motivated and also the coach could be there as much as he could to encourage the players and help them in the class room. Coach Courtney did not have his father growing up so he can relate to most of his players because they do not have a father. I agree with what Coach Courtney did in the situations where 2 guys would get into a jawing battle. Having teammates against each other does not help with having each other’s back. Coach always encouraged his players to apologize and be kind to everyone regardless of the situation. During the season, Coach Courtney lacked to show love to his kids. He told his team in a meeting, “My 12-year-old boy plays his first football game of the season in an hour and a half but I am here with you.” This could be an area where Coach could work and put priority in his family but also be there for his players. At the end of the movie, Coach Bill resigns from the head coaching position in order to spend time with his kids. From the beginning of the movie, I realized that Coach Bill Courtney really put an effort into knowing his players. I feel like if he would know or could know his players’ personalities then he would know how some players would respond in certain situations and how to interact on a more personal level. Coach’s way to motivate his players seemed spot on. He continually spoke about the team never being very good in the past but with the talent they had, the team could be special. Coach Courtney specifically tried to motivate the players by telling them that no Manassas football team has ever won a playoff game. I believe this sparked a surge into the team in wanting to be great. How players are given praise for the good they do is important. If an athlete is given praise for

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