Cognitive Behavioral Therapies: Annotated Bibliography

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Rollins.T_M4. A2. Applying Behavioral and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies Applying Behavioral and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies (Agrosy,2016). Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) was established by (Dr. Aaron T. Beck),1960’s. (Dr. Beck) created and supported several experiments to tryout psychanalytic conception of depression. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) a goal that is established for a short period that is positioned psychotherapy treatment that take hand-on actual approach to problem solving. This goal also is establishing to change the way a client behaves or think and change the way a person may feel. (CBT) help clients become…show more content…
Cordrina has trust issues from her past relationship Codrina was raised in an orphanage during her childhood years it’s appear that she didn’t have a stable home environment was neglected and has abandonment issues because of the trauma she experiences during her early years of life. As a cognitive therapy, (Judith Beck, (2011, p.60). I would bring my focus to Corrine by showing empathy and the present situation, be consistently on the use of problem solving. I would concentrate on developing a sound therapeutic relationship with Codrina, by setting goals, planning treatment and selecting intervention. Build a rapport and trusting relationship with her. Assist with skills that involves identifying dysfunctional thoughts and evaluating how realistic her thought is, modifying her beliefs relating to others and assist with gaining a more adaptive and accurate perspective also initiate behaviors changes. In psychotherapy, my goals would be to emphasize what Cordrina thoughts are also, blend elements from different approaches and tailor her treatment according to the client needs build trust in client and therapist relationship, demonstrate empathy, help Cordrina respond to inaccurate or…show more content…
She could be thinking about what her husband stated whether she is ever capable of falling in love with another person. The techniques or methods I would use to accomplish the goals according to (Judith Beck,2011), p.60). I have will continue to identify and review, Cordina problems and concerns, create goals, share information with Cordina about her treatment plans, diagnosis, and outline the therapy session, continue to encourage client development of the therapeutic relationship, gain trust, rapport and work jointly in therapy while motivating realistic goals and confidence about Cordina future or successful outcome of therapy. As a CT therapist, the desired outcome for Cordrina because of my work it would be an enjoyable moment working hands -on, practical approach to assist with problem solving. Even though my goal will be to change pattern thinking or behavior that appear behind the client difficulties and change the way she feels
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