College Admissions Essay: A Career In My Life

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Going to college has always been a dream of mine, I never knew what I wanted to major in or any clue of what career I wanted to go into. It all started with my love of finding out more about the world around me I thought is was just my curiosity like everyone else but it was something different. That’s when I found my love for science. At first I really didn’t see my love for until sophomore year of high school when we would get on a subject and wanted to learn more about the particular subject not just what was in the book. Around my junior year is the when I knew had to start narrowing down my college choices. I was very excited to finally see I was one step closer to going into adult hood. Unfortunately, my Aunt passed away during my junior year which put my family in a financial bind trying to pay for her funeral because she didn’t have any life insurance. We didn’t except an unfortunate event to happen but I knew I had to sty strong and stay true to my dream. While she …show more content…

Until some more sudden news happen my uncle passed away, it was a burden on the family again because his life insurance had lapsed my family had to use most of there savings and some more to pay for funeral and burial. I sill didn’t give up on my dream of going to college with a heavy heart of knowing nether my aunt or uncle will be able to see me walk across the stage I knew I had to strive for better. In the back of my mind I was saying how are we going to afford to send me to college but my family told me not to worry.
I learned that the hardship and burdens in my life not only made me better but made me who I am today a strong dedicated person, sure I may get discourage but I always know to pick myself up strive for what I want for my life, my family, and to help

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