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Anyone who knows me knows that I used to be a gymnast, and that I was absolutely crazy about the sport. I started doing gymnastics at the age of three, which was too young to be in kindergarten but not too early to start gymnastics. Fast forward six years, and my coaches invited me to start doing gymnastics competitively. It took six years of involvement in the sport for me to finally earn a spot on the competitive team. Being one of the older girls, I always had the responsibility to act in a correct way for the younger girls, because they looked up to me and they wanted to be like me one day, and I had to set the example of the appropriate way to act. When I first joined the competitive team, I felt right at home. There was no doubt …show more content…

I learned about not giving up on what you want just because you didn 't get it the first time, or because it is going to be a harder than you thought. If I fell off of the balance beam at practice, or at a competition, I would get back up and keep trying. I ended up A big part of gymnastics was trying new things. There was always some new flip or move that we hadn’t tried, and our coaches liked to make the girls on the team guinea pigs in leotards. Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone was something I wasn 't used to at first. Usually, if I was unfamiliar or even slightly skeptical about something, there was no way you’d get me to try it. But gymnastics taught me to be more open and accepting towards new things. Eventually, I found myself eager to learn a new skill, even if it was intimidating. Looking back, this was probably one of the most After gymnastics, the words “try, try again” are probably permanently etched into my brain. After doing one routine, feedback was given, and then you did it again. You had to adapt and fix your mistakes while still remembering how you did things correctly before. No one asked you to be perfect, but I always tried to do my best at whatever task or challenge was thrown at me. Even after practices, I would go home and continue to work at my skills at

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